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Venezuela condemns "violation of its airspace" by US military aircraft

Venezuela condemns “violation of its airspace” by US military aircraft

denounced VenezuelaViolation of its airspace“Thursday, July 22nd on a plane from”military transportAn American in the northwest of its territory on the Colombian border. “The Bolivarian National Armed Forces deplores the violation of Venezuelan airspace by a C-17 military transport aircraft of the US Air Force, a fact that occurred on Thursday, July 22.According to the statement issued on Friday by the army, which talks about “blatant provocation».

More diplomatic relations with the United States

The plane passed there.three minutes“, Enter “8:47 PM and 8:50 PM“,”Travel 14 nautical miles over the western part of the Sierra de PerejaAccording to the press release,American planes” You have “violatedVenezuelan airspace21 times“This year. Caracas confirms this.”violent“Participation”As part of military exercisesIn Colombia.

On July 16, the Colombian army announced that it was carrying out joint air exercises withUS Air ForceVenezuela says no.exclude other hostilities“undermine”sovereignty“his”land unitaccusing these armies of carrying outReconnaissance operations of the Venezuelan geographical area». «Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gave the orders“For the army they ask him”Respond strongly to any aggression».

Venezuela no longer maintains diplomatic relations with the United States and Colombia, its main opponents on the international stage. His government is subject to financial sanctions imposed in particular by the United States, which is seeking to oust Nicolas Maduro from power. Despite 2,200 kilometers of shared border, Venezuela and Colombia, ideological opponents, no longer have diplomatic relations since Bogota recognized opponent Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president in 2019.

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