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VEGAPULS 6X: Global Radar Level Sensor

VEGAPULS 6X: Global Radar Level Sensor

With its latest development, VEGABULS 6X, Vega makes choosing a level sensor as simple as possible. When one wishes to have a measuring instrument adapted to their application, several parameters must actually be taken into account: the emission frequency, the characteristics of the product to be measured, the temperature range of the application or the processes of the available formulations. However, VEGAPULS 6X covers all level measurement applications in liquids or solids. The customer no longer has to worry about the technical aspects. ” In the end, what matters is not the sensor, but what it will allow to achieve says Florian Burgert, Product Manager who has accompanied the development of VEGABULS 6X since the beginning.

The operation process is simplified to the maximum and is carried out in just a few steps. In most cases, the VEGABULS 6X can be modified at the factory. The customer passes its parameters to Vega Across Component or Experts Vega. The sensor is then manufactured, tested and shipped within a few days. It works instantly.

This new sensor is equipped with the best technology: a self-diagnostic system that instantly detects malfunctions and ensures significantly higher availability. Its new small radar unit allows for simplified and extended use for many applications. It is SIL certified and meets the most stringent cybersecurity requirements (IEC 62443-4-2 standard).

In the water world, it can be used for applications such as level measurement in digesters, gas gauges, or altimetry in some dams.