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"Vaxathon" and required aircraft: A revenge vaccine for Australia and New Zealand

“Vaxathon” and required aircraft: A revenge vaccine for Australia and New Zealand

Nature’s life slowly resumes its course. Last week, the people of Sydney came out of almost four months of strict control to prevent the outbreak of Govit-19, Australia’s largest city – Contrasting delta. Has long been seen as a model for managing infection, Australia has been plagued by a strong recovery from the epidemic since the beginning of last summer And indicates its delay in vaccine components. By early May, Israel had already administered at least one dose to more than 60% of its population and the United States to more than 40%. At the same time, Australia is struggling to reach 10%. During the crack of lead, Oceania’s giant retaliates against other Western nations. New Zealand Who administered a single dose to 2.5% of its population on Saturday alone.

Australians are talented: 50% of people had at least one dose in early September, but now 70% of them are in this condition. Currently, 54% of residents have a complete immunization schedule – up from 30% in early September. That was a few months ago The OECD had the lowest immunity in Australia. In New South Wales, 91.1% of people over the age of 16 received at least one dose by October 14 and 76.5% were fully immunized. In Victoria, those numbers are 86.7% and 61.5%, respectively. Capital – Canberra – also serves as a good student: 98% of people over the age of 12 have received at least one dose of the Govit-19 vaccine, and 75.9% have received both. With a population of 395,000, it is set to become the most vaccinated city in the world against Govt-19 and officials expect almost all eligible people to be vaccinated by the end of November.

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In northern Australia, vaccination is mandatory for dozens of professional categories (cashier, hairdresser, etc.). Concerned about the low vaccination rate against Govt-19 in some sections of the population, the province’s prime minister, Michael Conner, declared that “anyone who comes in contact with the public should be vaccinated.” The area stretches from the city of Darwin to the outskirts of Alice Springs and Uluru. Several attempts to speed up the vaccination campaign began last February – three months after France. In trouble: supply problems and government failures. While it may seem quite impossible to get rid of the virus now, authorities are now betting everything on vaccination. And they are not alone.

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An aircraft was converted into a vaccination center

In a similar movement, the New Zealand government is using a number of tactics and gadgets in an attempt to vaccinate the last 20% of its eligible population against Govt-19. In mid-August, the country faced a resurgence of the epidemic that exemplified its low vaccination rate. At the time, only 23% of New Zealand’s five million people had a full vaccination schedule, the lowest of the 38 members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Like Australia, New Zealand dropped it “Zero Covit” strategy As the number of cases increased. On Thursday, October 14, the country recorded 71 Govt-19 pollutants in 24 hours, a record for six months in the country.

The government predicts this week that the number of cases will reach 140 a day by the end of the month. The government, led by Jacinta Artern, is in a race against time to increase the vaccine rate. And the power of New Zealand has not diminished in the imagination. National carrier Air New Zealand this week announced the conversion of the 787 Dreamliner into a new vaccination clinic. “People will climb to the front door in business class where they will get the dose of the vaccine Pfizer Of their choice, “the airline said in a statement. On Saturday, October 16, the Prime Minister successfully demonstrated the” Super Saturday “vaccine: more than 2.5% of people responded to the call to bite in a single day.

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Prime Minister, Jacintha Artern, Has set an ambitious target of delivering 100,000 injections a day, with the goal of moving vaccination rates to 90% of its target – by mid-October, 70% of people received at least one dose. In order to make its vaccination campaign more attractive, celebrities were invited to popularize shows such as director Taika Waittiti, singers Lord and Marlon Williams, and All Rugby Blocks. And the New Zealand government does not hesitate to play with people’s love for fast food. At Hamilton, McDonald’s customers can take advantage of a special offer: Pfizer’s shot with a burger. In Christchurch, vaccinated candidates are given fish and chips in food trucks.



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