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Women's World Cup of Hockey - Australia, Netherlands, Belgium finish 6th after knocking out Spain in the quarterfinals.

Van den Bossche, who returned from Australia, is American with Lindsey de Wilder

“The transition between Australia and Belgium wasn’t too complicated. Since I came back from Wollongong, I raced the Aigle to physically adapt to the track. The jet lag was a bit of a problem because I got up. It was too early and the races were late. I was tired”, said van den. Bossche explained. “Worlds on the road was added to my plan for the season and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to ride for a second time among the hopefuls.” Lindsey de Wilder, who was absent from the Euros in Munich, will therefore be joined by Fabio van den Bossche. “It’s up to me to show that I’m ready,” said the Belgian. “The American is popular with everyone and everyone will want to show off. We have to shine as a duo to make the task of national coach Kenny de Ketel as complicated as possible,” explained the 27-year-old De Wilder. Game Vlaanderen-Baloise training. “We do a lot of work in training, so we know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.” (Belga)

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