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Vaituba Park is open: 30,000 square meters of space for leisure and relaxation for all

The Tahua Motu Ovini landscape park, also called Vaitupa, located in the municipality of Faa’a, was inaugurated this Sunday by local and municipal authorities. The new facilities will allow residents, as well as tourists, to enjoy an exceptional leisure and relaxation area of ​​30,000 square meters on the edge of the coast.

Tahua Motu Ovini, also known as Vaitupa, was inaugurated on Sunday evening in the presence of local and municipal authorities.

New entertainment and relaxation area of ​​30,000 square meters on the coast.

After hosting various events such as agricultural fairs, carnivals, and fairs, this emblematic public site now has facilities available to residents and passing tourists.

Huge, quirky pote’e fare at Vaitupa Park.

The layout includes: 600 square meter impressive fare, promenade and refreshment area
For relaxation, an equipped sports course, beach volleyball court and playground are really fun for the kids. The final budget for this project is 900 million cubic feet.

President Fritsch praised the positive impact of the project on the population. So it is not just a tourist site. This is one of the places of meeting and sharing, accessible firstly by residents, and also by visitors who will discover a pleasant space, with a breathtaking view of Moorea Island.

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The greenery has been beautifully planted with 210 coconut palms and nearly 80 trees, including many fruit trees, by architect Alexis Nguyen-Thè. Island Studio Architecture has
Be sure to design the one-of-a-kind fare, at the top of which we notice a remarkable architectural achievement, a sash (window) that represents the compass of the Polynesian ancestors pointing to the importance of the stars for orientation. As the day progresses, a beam of light moves and marks the hours. In all, dozens of companies worked on the entire project bringing together the best Polynesian know-how.

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Children will not be bored in this new park.

This site, Vaitupa Park, is now an essential tourist stop on the island of Tahiti and a friendly gathering place for all.

This development is the pride of Mayor Oscar Timaru, who has been waiting for this project for several years.

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