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Vaccines against variants: the race for the unvaccinated

Vaccines against variants: the race for the unvaccinated

This is how we can summarize the future of this pandemic, at least in the coming months. It could come out on its own, because there aren’t enough people to reach it, or it could take advantage of the fact that unvaccinated people in wealthy countries often expose vulnerable communities to outbreaks – they may be, say, people grouped together by affinities, or More in certain areas.

In these countries with a high vaccination rate, the fate of the pandemic depends above all on statistics, Summarizes a report from the magazine Atlantic Ocean. There will inevitably be cases of vaccinated people infected, but it will be the unvaccinated who will play a crucial role. And Great Britain can serve as a harbinger: she, having quickly preceded other rich countries with their vaccination campaign, could not prevent it, since a month since the delta variant became prevalent there, the number of cases multiplied by six and hospitalization double.

On the other hand, the virus is constantly undergoing mutations, so the longer the “chance” of this coronavirus spread, the higher the risk of a more transmissible variant emerging. Nobody can put a possibility on that. But the current era has an advantage over previous epidemics: scientists have never had this ability to analyze virus genomes in real time in practice. Therefore, the day a more troublesome species begins to spread, it will be known soon enough.

Obviously, this is still the case for all other countries: barely 11% of the world’s population two doses of the vaccine; Barely 1% on the African continent. As the director of the World Health Organization said in April, “You can’t put out a fire if you spray only part of it.”

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All the factors that would anger those who dreamed of getting rid of the muzzle at the end of the summer…