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Vaccine season: Pearson Airport retreat

Vaccine season: Pearson Airport retreat

Toronto Pearson International Airport has decided to reverse its policy to separate travelers arriving in Canada, based on their vaccination status.

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The measure was implemented on Saturday to ensure that fully vaccinated travelers and those who did not receive a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine are separated into two separate lines.

The airport then clarified this decision by saying that the rules for entering the country for travelers with or without vaccinations are different. Hence, the two lines should make it possible to process arrivals more quickly.

In a statement sent to various media outlets on Tuesday, the airport said the measure was abandoned on Monday.

“Pearson Airport, in cooperation with the government and other partners, has determined that separating vaccinated and partially unvaccinated or unvaccinated passengers at customs is ineffective,” the organization said.

The airport said passengers’ cases will be analyzed when they cross customs.

Remember, Canada still limits entry to trips deemed essential. Full US tourists will be able to resume returning home on August 9, while international travelers will be able to do the same from September 7, if the epidemiological situation remains favourable.

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