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Vaccine efficacy: 'I think we're getting ready for fall'

Vaccine efficacy: ‘I think we’re getting ready for fall’

Currently, vaccines are sufficiently effective against variants of the coronavirus that are active in the population, and next fall will not look like before.

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This is what Dr. believes ins Matthew Simon, MD, pulmonologist and intensive care specialist and chief of intensive care at the University Institute of Cardiology and Pulmonology of Quebec.

He believes “variables, there will always be some”. This is the natural course of the virus. But vaccines remain useful in both variants. You just have to hurry up and vaccinate as many people as possible.”

He states that the arrival of a new species in the fall may not be so tragic, as the population has already received their dose of vaccines.

Otherwise, the ds Simon worries that those who have been vaccinated will still have to make sacrifices for people who have decided to refuse vaccination.

3,500 spectators at the Bell Center

“I think it’s done pretty well now. I would be very uncomfortable having a crowd like the one we saw in Vegas,” explains Dr.s Simon regarding the maximum number of spectators allowed at the Bell Center.

“Mr. Ducharme succeeded in contracting COVID-19 despite having a very safe environment around him,” says the expert.

He also questions the rate of contamination during large gatherings in Las Vegas where mask-wearing was not common and residents did not show a high rate of vaccination.

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