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Vaccination with the third dose should be more effective, says Reign Laurent

Vaccination with the third dose should be more effective, says Reign Laurent

While vaccination with the third dose of the vaccine has begun in CHSLDs and Seniors Residences (RPA), Régine Laurent, a former nurse, has protested that in some CISSS and CIUSSS residents are required to travel to vaccination centers rather than send teams to do so on-site.

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“What put me on alert was hearing this morning, on the Mario Dumont programme, Marc Fortin of the RQRA (regrouping québécois des Residences pour seniors) who said ‘Well, it’s not all CISSS and CIUSSS who are going to send a team to vaccinate seniors,'” she said. I told myself something was wrong.”

Ms Laurent emphasizes that the third dose of the vaccine is an excellent decision, but that we must be able to better implement it.

“During the day, we learned from the magazine that the rapid tests were sent by the ministry to CISSS and CIUSSS, but here, it was not both CISSS and CIUSSS who sent the rapid tests that had to be taken three times a week by the unvaccinated staff. I thought it was already done “, as you say.

The ex-nurse is upset that Quebec is making unfulfilled promises.

“We don’t have a choice to make. She insists that vaccination should be speeded up and rapid testing done everywhere in Quebec.

Ms. Laurent requested that seniors’ home managers be able to hire nurses to train others to run rapid tests.

“What I expect is that very quickly, we have calendars made by CISSS and CIUSSS that will be sent to the residences to tell them that the team will come on this date and time to vaccinate all the elderly because if we wait to take the elderly to the vaccination centers, these are not win-win conditions for an increase in the vaccination rate” .

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To see Régine’s post in full, watch the video above.