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Vaccination passport: Quebec plans to make it more difficult to obtain a QR code

Vaccination passport: Quebec plans to make it more difficult to obtain a QR code

a IT Specialist Consult Radio Canada Remarkably succeeded in obtaining fake vaccine passports within a few hours.

Radio-Canada has been able to successfully scan fake QR codes generated by our source thanks to the Vaxicode Verification app.

Photo: Radio Canada

At least four elected officials, including François Legault and Christian Dube, for their part filed an identity theft complaint Thursday after hackers obtained their QR code.

Adverse effects, according to Eric Kayer

The Minister responsible for the protection of personal information, Eric Kayer, points out that to carry out their bad step, the hackers used public information about the complainants. Accordingly, the vast majority of Quebecers have nothing to fear, according to the elected official.

We wanted downloading a QR code and using the app to be easy. The goal was to have a simple tool for the entire populationWas it a reaction to the morning show? first hour.

As a result of these new developments, obtaining a QR code could become more complicated, Minister Cairo admits. Discussions about this will take place over the next few hours. However, he believes the extra steps could have detrimental effects on ordinary people.

We’ll discuss it with the health minister this morning, we’ll balance the inconveniences and if we have to make getting the QR code more complicated, well, we’ll do it., he adds.

But what I’m saying is that this complication would be so for people who, legitimately, would want to have it. This may limit the use of the QR code, which is not what we want.

Quote from:Eric Kaer, Minister Responsible for the Protection of Personal Information

The situation is taken seriously

The Department of Health and Social Services (MSSS) said it is taking the situation seriously, but maintains that accessing public places with a fake vaccination passport will still be complicated, even with a fake QR code.

The QR code and the personal information it contains cannot be used without the consent of the persons concerned., confirms MSSS in a press release sent to the media on Friday morning. When the vaccination passport is valid, merchants must request an identification document, with a photo, to verify the identity of the customer providing their QR code..

Thus, in addition to exposing himself to the risk of prosecution, a person wishing to use another person’s QR code to enter an institution requiring a vaccination passport will be denied access and will be reported to the police authorities.

Quote from:Department of Health and Social Services

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois is upset

It didn’t take long for the opposition’s reaction to flare up. Solidarity MP, Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, sent a letter to the Prime Minister, François Legault, to denounce it. embarrassing amateurs In an age when data leaks worry Quebecers more than ever.

In the midst of a health crisis, while confidence in your government’s public health measures is critical to our collective victory over the virus, this chaos is unacceptable., he is writing.

Mr. Nadeau Dubois is also calling for the establishment of a Parliamentary Committee on the potential advantages and risks of the permissibility of vaccination. He also demands from the Legault government a plan for Close this annoying security breach.