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Vaccinated people no longer need masks at Disney parks

Vaccinated people no longer need masks at Disney parks

Visitors to Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida are no longer required to wear a mask if they are aware of COVID-19 vaccines, according to new rules that took effect Thursday.

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To go see Mickey and his friends, a mask remains mandatory inside only for unvaccinated people and for all visitors, regardless of vaccination status, in particularly narrow or sensitive spaces such as buses or dispensaries.

Before the pandemic, Disney World in Orlando (Florida) was the world’s largest theme park in terms of attendance, followed by Disneyland in Anaheim, south of Los Angeles.

Health instructions differ, especially regarding mask wearing, in the two states, with California adopting a more stringent strategy. But California softened its stance this week due to a sharp drop in the number of infections, allowing the Disney parks in Anaheim to align.

Disney parks in the US closed their doors in March 2020 in the face of a runaway pandemic.

If Disney World had begun to resume activities in July 2020, Disneyland would have waited until May 2021, 415 days after closing. At the time, access was restricted to Californians and mask wearing was required in all circumstances.

Indoor mask-wear remained mandatory on Thursday at Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland’s main competitor. The park is actually located in Los Angeles County, where health authorities maintain stricter rules than those enacted statewide, where they are entitled to.

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