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Using cleaning products, you repel the thief

Using cleaning products, you repel the thief

An employee at a pastry shop in the Netherlands experienced a traumatic experience last Tuesday when a woman attempted an armed robbery at her job.

In the morning, a man in a black hoodie rushed to the shop counter to get some money.

By reflexively, the cashier turned away from the man, but soon found a solution to repel the thief from the cash register.

According to the Turkish government daily daily morning, A lady from Turkey took cleaning products for a counterattack.

Videos from the organization’s surveillance cameras show that the strategy actually worked.

The woman started hitting the thief with a towel. Will it fall from him? The man was astonished by the lady’s stubbornness and withdrew.

I had a towel and a bottle of cleaning fluid. I was fortunate, because a customer came a few moments later to help me push him away,” says employee Latifa Baker.

The thief left the job without getting anything back.

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