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Use your smartphone as a remote control

Use your smartphone as a remote control

[TELECOMMANDE YOUTUBE] To enjoy YouTube videos more comfortably on TV, the platform has a new function that allows you to use the mobile phone as a remote control to interact with the application.

Watch videos Youtube On a connected TV, it is practical to enjoy images on a large screen and more powerful sound, especially with others. Only for this, you must accept the navigation of the application using the remote control Television, which can quickly get boring when it comes to accessing certain functions (for example, creating a playlist, reading and writing comments, liking a video or subscribing to a channel). Given this usability issue, platform administrators noticed that more than 80% of YouTubers on TV kept their phones close at hand while watching. “We noticed that viewers not only opened the YouTube mobile app simultaneously, but also performed more than half of the interaction actions (like, like, subscribe) on their phones, while watching the videos. on TV‘, confirms the service in Statement on his blog. The company has found a smart solution to better interact with the content on the TV.

Mobile YouTube Remote Control: Simple and practical new function

Thus YouTube comes with a completely new functionality that allows you to use a mobile phone (smartphone or tablet) to navigate on your TV. Once the two devices (mobile phone and TV) are synchronized, the phone (or tablet) acts as a second remote control for controlling and interacting with the content. But more practical thanks to the touch screen and virtual keyboard. You can thus control playback (Pause, Stop, Forward, Back) but you can also read video descriptions, post comments or share content from mobile while still enjoying the video on a big screen, as these do not be a naughty person. This function, which is gradually starting to roll out robot Obviously, iOS requires the application to be installed on the mobile phone, as well as the application built into the TV – or the connected multimedia portal. Another necessity: You must use the same account The Google on both devices. Initially, the remote control function is only available for accounts linked to a credit card. But that limitation will be lifted very soon, so that everyone can take advantage of this new possibility.

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If you have YouTube installed on your smartphone and the TV is connected, you can easily link the two apps to use your mobile phone as a remote control. Provided, of course, that both devices are connected to the Internet.

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► Launch the YouTube app on your TV and smartphone, then tap User Code In the form of a small colored circle, then above communicate.

► Enter the email address and password of your Google account and verify that they are correct.

► Once you are logged into your Google account on both devices, select the option Connection that appears automatically via a popup.

► That’s it! You can interact directly with the video you are watching without interrupting playback on the TV.