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Use this shortcut to search your tabs, bookmarks, and history

Google Chrome offers a handy shortcut to search. Say hello to “@”.

Find a tab among the many locations open in a file navigator It can sometimes turn out to be an impossible task. Sometimes we simply end up looking for The Google The site we want and we add a duplicate tab to an already very large heap. Searching for bookmarks or searching browsing history is not easy as you have to go to their respective pages first and then continue searching. Google Chrome Offers a very useful shortcut.

Google Chrome offers a handy shortcut to search

Research was the core of Mountain View’s business. So it makes sense that it offers highly advanced functionality in this area. So it’s not surprising that Google found a better way to search for its browser’s tabs, bookmarks, or search history by creating specialized search shortcuts.

As I mentioned 9to5GoogleGoogle added this new search functionality in version 108 chrome. Instead of digging through your tabs, bookmarks, and browsing history manually, use the “@” symbol. You can use “yoursearch” to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Say hello to “@”

To get started, click in Chrome’s address bar, and type “tabs,” “bookmarks,” or “history.” Press the space bar or click on Search Tabs, Search Bookmarks, or Search History. Then type what you’re looking for.

For example, for tabs, you can type “tabs” and then “receive” to find the Gmail tab (“Gmail” doesn’t seem to work). With “bookmarks”, type “begeek” to find your favorite site. Finally, with “history” you can find a recently visited site.

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It’s a simple yet useful extension that will make using Chrome easier. Version 108 seems packed with these kind of little new features. Last week we were taking advantage of JobsEnergy saving, to preserve maximum battery life when using Chrome on a laptop. Today you can save battery and time to work more efficiently!