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USA: Vice President Kamala Harris scares US Republicans

USA: Vice President Kamala Harris scares US Republicans

Joe Biden’s fall after tripping over an object placed on the floor during a military ceremony in Colorado Springs last week resulted in an unexpected casualty: his vice president, Kamala Harris, who has been targeted by Republicans with each of the president’s defeats. Camp. “Joe Biden is the oldest president in our history, and if he’s reelected, we’ll have a Kamala Harris president,” thundered Nikki Haley, the most conservative candidate in the Republican primaries.

Even more than Biden, Kamala Harris has been something of a bogeyman for the conservative camp since her debut in politics as a lawyer in San Francisco and California (the judicial equivalent) when she was elected senator from the same state. .

“He was the exact opposite of Donald Trump.”

“He was Donald Trump’s lawyer, in the media but especially in the Judicial Affairs Committee, roasting the judges proposed for the Supreme Court,” recalls French journalist Alexis Buson in New York. , author of a biography of Spouse. -leader (“Kamala Harris, The Heir”, February 2023, Archipelago).

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“The timing was shocking for Democrats who didn’t expect to lose the 2016 election, and even less against Donald Trump, the journalist continues. They were looking for a champion, and she was the exact opposite of Donald Trump: a woman, mixed race, younger (note: 58 today age), Berkeley was from the counterculture. The daughter of two immigrants, her father from Jamaica and her mother from India, Kamala Harris came from a family with a highly intellectual background and involvement in the civil rights movement.

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Like Barack Obama in his day, the vice president presents a face that the conservative camp doesn’t want to see at all, especially not in high office.

She could become the country’s first female president

“She has racism and sexism against her,” notes Alexis Buson. “As Donald Trump did to Obama, even questioning her American citizenship. She embodies everything the Republican Party hates, the globalized and educated elite. She’s a heartbeat away from the presidency. She’s at any moment.” Will be America’s first president. Joe Biden’s health has sparked debate. If he is unable to govern, he will take over. »

It’s enough to heap Republican attacks on his name, even suspecting Joe Biden of considering resigning, once re-elected, to make way for his running mate in the White House. The President is now 80 years old. He will be 86 years old at the end of his second term.

Ironically, Kamala Harris was reviled even in her own camp when she was a California attorney general, as her strict unschooling policies earned her opposition from some Democrats. “She remains a very divisive figure,” summarizes Alexis Buson.