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USA: Throws $200,000 out of his car window in the middle of the highway

An American man in his thirties, suffering from insanity, threw the equivalent of 200,000 dollars (almost 180,000 euros) out his car window onto the highway on Saturday.

By which bird was he stung? Colin Davis McCarthy, a 38-year-old American, completely emptied the bank account he shared with his family and began distributing cash, throwing 100-euro bills out of his car window on the highway.

In total, 200,000 dollars (equivalent to 180,000 euros) were wasted in Eugene (Oregon).

Needless to say, the scene sparked the start of chaos, with many motorists quickly picking their machines to go in search of a few extra tickets for their month-end.

The family members hope to get their money back

If Colin Davis McCarthy is proud of his stunt, neither is his family, who have pleaded with anyone who collected the money to return him to the police station.

For his part, the generous donor justified his approach to the local authorities by expressing, in the simplest way, his willingness to share and allow a crowd of strangers from the family money.

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