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USA: How Jesuit University wants to support slave generations

Georgetown University, funded by the Jesuits in Washington, DC, wants to support the descendants of slaves with $ 100 million in compensation. According to the Milanese newspaper “Courier della Cera” this amount will become a foundation for funding education and reconciliation programs for the offspring.

Mailender Jeetung says that the Catholic University’s agreement to do so is related to the implementation of historical facts. As the archival documents prove, the university was involved in the slave trade in the 19th century.

In 1838 the college sold a total of 272 blacks who had worked in the Jesuit estates in Maryland as slaves to Louisiana. $ 3.3 million flowed into Order’s treasury, economically renovating the still young university, according to documents.

The nonprofit “Georgetown Memory Project” has identified the descendants of about 10,000 slaves, 5,000 of whom are still alive. Like Barry Nestwood, then vice chancellor of Washington and current bishop of Richmond, John Digioya, president of Elite University, apologized to his descendants at the time.

The Jesuits, Tim Kesiki, the leader of the United States and Canada, called the slave trade a major sin on behalf of the Order. The pain of it will never go away. Georgetown University has chosen an alternative to provide direct compensation to victims by establishing a fund. These funds are aimed at attracting future investments to the offspring and are to be expanded through private donations.

(Evening Courier / kna – mg)