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USA: Google to develop algorithm for a hospital team

USA: Google to develop algorithm for a hospital team

NEW YORK (awp / dpa) – US hospital team HCA Healthcare announced on Wednesday that it has reached an agreement with Google to develop a project algorithm that reflects the ambitions of the search engine company in the healthcare sector.

Google will create a data analysis platform to facilitate the work of medical staff by drawing up information on the 32 million patients who attend HCA-administered organizations each year.

“This partnership of several years” HCA plans to trust the innovative application of Healchair information technology to accelerate the digital transformation taking place within the company, “a press release explains.

In particular, physicians, nurses and other health professionals can receive analytics and alerts on their mobile devices so that they can act quickly on changes in their patients’ condition.

The mechanism also aims to streamline operations in non-physician areas such as logistics chain or human resources.

“Next-generation care requires scientifically data-driven decision making so that we can focus more on safe and effective care,” said HCA CEO Sam Hesson.

The team, based in Nashville, Tennessee, operates a network of 186 hospitals and approximately 2,000 ambulatory care centers in 20 US states and the United Kingdom.

“Remote computing (” cloud “) can accelerate innovations in healthcare, especially by enabling the data operating system to improve the performance of operations and provide better maintenance.

Google and the HCA insist that privacy and security are at the center of their approach, but such efforts are sure to raise some eyebrows on the part of lawmakers.

In late 2019, Google signed an agreement with the American health organization Ascension to collect and analyze the medical data of tens of thousands of patients and to help clinicians determine the best possible treatments.

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With caution, U.S. politicians asked Google what data it shared with Ascension Technology, how it was used, and to what extent its confidentiality is protected.

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