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US withdrawal from Afghanistan: What are the strategic implications?

US withdrawal from Afghanistan: What are the strategic implications?

Analysis – Allies of the United States view its preventive erosion with concern. They anticipate the renaissance of the jihadi movement and fear the actions of Moscow or Beijing.

Then The chaotic departure of U.S. troops at the end of August It has been established in Afghanistan for twenty years and a new order is emerging.

What is the lesson for the United States and its allies?

The same fight for Democrats and Republicans! For those still skeptical, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the shift in strategic priority toward the Indo-Pacific have demonstrated the extent to which the United States has been subject to proper continuity between the last three administrations. The “Asian Pivot” launched by Barack Obama was accelerated by Donald Trump and confirmed by Joe Biden. At the military level, the Afghan defeat took the skin of the “Powell theory”, which guaranteed victory through technological superiority and great military power, with zero deaths on the American side. “This failure is a maritime change for the United States because it reveals a deep military shortage of troops. It has humiliated the entire American model of democracy, human freedoms and fundamental values.” The American writer thinks …

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