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US Warns Migrants Its Borders ‘Not Wide Open’

Will there be a flow? Faced with overwhelmed Republicans who are calling for that measure, Title 42, to be preserved, Democrat Joe Biden’s government in particular mentions that new restrictions on asylum have been adopted.

I want to be very clear: Our borders are not wide open. Persons who cross our borders illegally and without a legal basis for staying will be on the spot […] Disqualified. »

Quote from Alejandro Mallorca, Minister of Homeland Security

however, We are aware of the challenges we are likely to face in the coming days and weeks and are ready to respond to themMr. Mallorca added, noting thatA large number of expatriates has already been noticed in certain sectors.

President Joe Biden himself recently claimed that would be the case chaos for a while.

To prepare, the federal state mobilized More than 24,000 law enforcement officers and members On the border in addition to 4000 soldiers.

Migrants line up at the US-Mexico border before boarding a US Customs and Border Patrol bus near El Paso, Texas.

Photo: REUTERS/Julio Cesar Chavez

In Matamoros, a Mexican border town Brownsville In Texas, immigrants continued crossing the Rio Grande into the United States on foot or in makeshift canoes.

Coming from the other side, a message in Spanish was repeated over the loudspeaker: Remaining in Mexico, it is illegal to cross into the United States. If you pass, you will be kicked out.

Between Tijuana and San Diego, Stephen Lumitaxi, a 21-year-old Ecuadorian, claims he trust In the fact that he will be admitted to the United States with his wife and two-year-old son.

Children seem to have a higher priorityHe said.

Title 42 is scheduled to lift at 11:59 p.m. Washington time, but some migrants are rushing to cross the border about 3,000 kilometers before the deadline to claim asylum, fearing a change in rules will prevent them from doing so. Do that for five years.

To read and listen:

New restrictions

Title 42, which aims to limit the spread of COVID-19, gave US authorities the ability to promptly return all immigrants who enter the country, including asylum seekers. In three years, it has been used 2.8 million times.

The new asylum restrictions, finalized by the US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, will go into effect Thursday night.

Before presenting themselves at the border, asylum seekers, with the exception of unaccompanied minors, must now have been given an appointment on a telephone application prepared by the Border Guard, or they will be refused entry. a trip.

Migrants walk along the US border near Yuma, Arizona.

United States Government Act 42 for the past three years has allowed the rapid deportation of illegal immigrants entering the country.

Photo: Getty Images/Mario Tama

Otherwise, their application will be presumed to be illegal and they may be subject to expedited removal procedures, which will prevent them from entering US soil for five years.

Faced with shifting migration patterns, rumors spread by smugglers and complex online procedures, the migrants crowding into northern Mexico bear witness to a conundrum.

application CBP onedesigned to centralize asylum applications in the United States, is at the heart of immigrant frustration at the border, where phones, Wi-Fi and electricity are a luxury.

Because of his repeated mistakes, It’s a nightmare, real torment. This app undermines us emotionally and psychologicallyHe said John Pavona merchant who fled Venezuela with his family.

Migrants cross the Rio Bravo River in Matamoros, Mexico.

Migrants cross the Rio Bravo River in Matamoros, Mexico, to surrender to US Border Patrol agents.

Photo: Reuters/Daniel Pesrill

On the burning issue of immigration, the Democratic executive is keen to show a balanced policy, while the Republicans accuse Joe Biden, the new candidate for 2024, of turning borders into Colander.

So for former Republican President Donald Trump, Joe Biden has officially abolished what is left of America’s borders.

House Republicans on Thursday passed a bill to restrict immigration.

The text, which provides for the resumption of construction of Donald Trump’s famous wall on the southern border, has almost no chance of being adopted in the Senate, in the hands of the Democrats.

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