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US Supreme Court justices worth millions

US Supreme Court justices worth millions

The nine justices of the Supreme Court of the United States would have between $24 and $68 million (between $33 and $93 million), and would therefore be wealthier than 90% of Americans.

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Bloomberg reports that it’s impossible to get a more precise value, given federal ethics laws that require judges to disclose only what might give rise to a conflict of interest, especially when the judge has investments in a company that will be shown in court.

The most recent numbers are from 2021 and reveal that at least six of the nine justices are millionaires, which means they are actually much richer than the 90% of Americans they represent when they pass their rulings.

In the wake of recent reports from ProPublica exposing Justice Clarence Thomas’ close relationship with a senior member of the GOP (Republican) party, Democratic lawmakers and progressive advocates have stepped up scrutiny of the Supreme Court’s ethics code.

Forensic experts say there are still significant gaps even in the disclosures available, which also include information about spouses and dependent children. None of the justices are required to state the value of their personal residences or the contents of their state retirement accounts.

John Roberts is thus the wealthiest judge, according to data compiled by Bloomberg, and he would have declared between $9 and $27 million (or between $12 and $37 million Canadian) in assets, including a waterside cottage. In Maine only it is accessible by boat and is valued at between $250,000 (CAD342,000) and $500,000 (CAD684,000) per year, plus individual shares in the telecoms charter communications company.

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On the contrary, it is Judge Brett Kavanaugh who declares the lowest assets, which are therefore between $15,000 and $65,000 (that is, between $20,000 and $89,000), although he is probably worth more than that, Since his home, in particular, was not taken into consideration in the calculation, it would be worth approximately $1.7 million USD (2.3 million Canadian dollars).

Justices also receive a salary for sitting on the Supreme Court, but it is much less than they could earn privately. Thus, Judge Roberts will receive $298,500 (CAD 408,000) for the year, and the others will receive $285,400 (CAD 390,000).

Many of the judges are also professors, but they cannot earn more than US$30,000 (CAD$41,000).