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US elections: Vladimir Putin at the center of a conspiracy to elect Donald Trump

US elections: Vladimir Putin at the center of a conspiracy to elect Donald Trump

Doubt persists. Today, the unprecedented leak of a confidential document issued by the Kremlin begins to raise this issue. It seems that Russian President Vladimir Putin, his secret services, and several ministers in his government have put together a campaign to secure a victory Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election.

At a closed meeting in January of that year, they laid the groundwork for such interference in the American electoral process to support the populist’s candidacy. Russian official documents say the goal was to secure Moscow’s strategic goals by fueling social unrest in the United States and weakening the White House by “sacrificing information” that Russians keep about Donald Trump. Revealed Thursday in broad daylight by the British daily Watchman.

Minutes of this meeting of the National Security Council in the Kremlin headed by Vladimir Putin – Document “Na 04-32 vd”, classified as classified – indicates that Donald Trump is seen as a “promising candidate” from the Kremlin’s point of view and portrays him as an “impulsive, mentally unstable, unbalanced individual with an inferiority complex.”

At the time, the former reality TV star and real estate mogul was leading the race for the Republican nomination for the November presidential election.

“It is absolutely necessary to use all possible force to facilitate his election to the office of President of the United States,” said the document, which sees his victory as a means to achieve Russian policies, among other things. The American Social and Political System”.

The plan to interfere in the US democratic process there is touted as an act of self-defense by the Kremlin against the sanctions Washington has imposed on Moscow since 2014, in the wake of the Russia-orchestrated crisis in Ukraine. Several Russian agencies and ministries have been authorized to participate.

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Besides Vladimir Putin, Minister of Defense in charge of Military Intelligence, GRU, Sergei Shoigu, then head of foreign intelligence services, Mikhail Fradkovd, and head of the Federal Security Service (FSB), Alexander Bortnikov, at this meeting. They agreed to exploit the many weaknesses of the United States. Among these are this country’s “growing left-right political divide”, a polarized media space and hostile sentiment.Establishment that grew under the presidency of Barack Obama.

“media viruses”

There is a paragraph summarizing how Russia can inject “media viruses” into the American public space in order to manipulate public opinion in certain groups. These viruses are presented as self-sustaining and self-replicating.

These two features well define the content carried by conspiracy movements for several years in the United States, most of which are aimed at promoting conservative republican ideology in the United States.

In terms of compromising information on Donald Trump, the document remains elusive. However, he is referring to material collected by the Russian authorities during the last “unofficial” trip this populist made to Russia.

The documents reveal that after this meeting, Vladimir Putin by decree created a new secret inter-ministerial commission in order to put this intervention strategy into practice on the ground. The meeting of the National Security Council in the Kremlin was held well on January 22, 2016, according to official records, which nevertheless mention the economy and Moldova as the only two topics discussed.

Watchman The authenticity of these documents was verified by several independent experts who found a series of details they contain “correct”, as well as the general tone of the Kremlin’s thought on security expressed. The British newspaper points out that the intelligence services in many Western countries were able to access it a few months ago. This should include those coming from Canada. He also described the leak of the document as “dangerous and unusual” from within the Kremlin.

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in 2019, US Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller reported this Russian interference In the 2016 US presidential election, its investigation failed to provide sufficient evidence of “collusion” between Russia and the Trump clan. A year later, the Republican-led US Senate Intelligence Committee said in a report that “Russian spies have actively supported Mr. Trump’s campaign,” in part through the release of emails. “Hillary Clinton aims to undermine the Democratic candidate’s campaign. It is highly suspected that Russian intelligence was carrying out and facilitating the order.

Since 2016, Vladimir Putin has categorically denied any interference by Russia in the political and electoral life of Western democracies. It is suspected that the Russian hand sought to manipulate the outcome of Britain’s exit from the European Union in 2015, as well as the recent European elections in 2019.

On Thursday, the Kremlin maintained its line of defense by describing what the British daily revealed as a “four-penny novel”.

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