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Unveiled the new name of the game, fans are already disappointed?

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This is the kind of news that video game fans will see. We recently learned that Electronic Arts, which distributes the FIFA game, may change its name next year as its licensing agreement with FIFA expires. The American company, which considers this name too expensive (130 million euros per year according to the New York Times), then considered a new solution to rebrand its main game. “We are reviewing the game’s naming rights agreement with FIFA, which is separate from all of our other official football partnerships and licenses,” the company explained in October.

“EA Sports FC” as a name?

Today, journalist Tariq Banga tells us that the latter can simply be called … “EA Sports FC”, the trademark was registered only a few days before the big announcement. The first revelation that will not fail to elicit a reaction from the fans, for more than two decades it has been called “FIFA”.

to summarize

Electronic Arts, which has distributed the FIFA video game since its inception, can rename the title after its license agreement with FIFA expires. The American company can simply call it “EA Sports FC”.