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Unusual: She goes to the hospital and finds out that her organs are in the wrong place

Unusual: She goes to the hospital and finds out that her organs are in the wrong place

Since her birth, Olesya Kulikova, a 27-year-old Russian girl, has had health problems. While she has pneumonia, she goes to the hospital for treatment and discovers that her organs are actually not in the right place, a rare disease she has learned to live with.

Olesya was 14 years old when she found out about it heart It is located on the right side of his body, reports the sun. Four years later, she later learned that her liver was placed on the left. But the young Russian woman continued to live normally until the day she struggled in 2019 Pneumonia persistent.

asthmaShortness of breath, Cough… As symptoms accumulate, Olesya goes to the hospital to treat his respiratory ailments. There the doctors reveal to him that even his condition lungs It is reversed and reversed. The medical diagnosis ends with the conclusion of the total inverted position. This disease is characterized by a congenital malformation The main organs are inverted compared to its natural order.

“Every time I go for a check-up, I have to make it clear that my heart is on the right, not on the left like everyone else,” The patient is captivated.

Pathology associated with other diseases

And that’s not all. Because of this rare disease, Olesya inherited other diseases. You specifically suffer from a genetic disorder: Kartagener’s syndrome. This disease is associated with respiratory manifestations and left-to-right inversion of the chest and abdominal organs, which explains many of the symptoms associated with respiratory disorders. Also, these stomach pains have been linked to kidney stones.

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So Olesya must learn to live with inverted organs and the diseases accompanying this extremely rare phenomenon. she trusts Do more sports To get his lungs working “properly” the first results are really encouraging.

Situs inversus totalis, a rare pathology

Situs inversus totalis is a rare disease that affects 1 in 10,000 similar cases reported by CNNreported this pathology in a 99-year-old woman who lived her entire life normally without ever suspecting that her organs had displaced. “I think the odds of finding someone else like her are less than one in 50 million,” Cameron Walker, professor of anatomy at the University of Health and Science in Oregon (US), said at the origin of the unusual discovery. Rose Marie Bentley, who died at 99 of natural causes, chose it Give your body to science when you die. This is how researchers were able to discover this anomaly without the American having ever heard of her condition during her lifetime.

According to Cameron Walker, mutations develop early in the fetus without knowing their origin. If only 13% of those affected survive more than five years, according to the data reported by the professor, then Rosemarie Bentley has no heart problem. “He is almost certainly the most contributing factor to his long life”The researcher suggests.

Pathology is usually detected by X-ray, MRI, or ultrasound examinations.