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unusual. He pays all his rent a penny less, and the tenant drives his landlord crazy

Not always easy, the tenant-landlord relationship. In Australia, a landlord shared his story on social media trying to find help when his tenant started paying a penny less in rent each week.

In Australia, a tenant seems to be having fun with his landlord’s nerves. And he is desperately trying to find a solution because the tenant of his property is paying him a penny less than the agreed rent each week, which is the standard rate for rent payments in Australia.

As the site explains, published by our colleagues Western FranceThe finder found that three months after the start of the lease, the tenant duly began making payments on the agreed upon rental villa, $1,200 per week. $1,999.99 per month.

To be repaired

The owner explained that he did not want to renew the lease with this naughty tenant, but had several months left. Upon the lessee’s request, the lessee responded that he would pay the sum of $1,999.99.

The Australian site asked the tenant owner not to demand himself in this matter and reminded him that the house he was renting required a certain number of repairs. On Facebook, the exchanges were broadcast and it didn’t take long for comments to arrive. While some support it, many are amused by the owner’s dramatic approach. “So, there are 52 weeks in a year, and they are all upset by 52 cents?”, underscores one user, for example.

Others, on the other hand, criticize the attitude of the tenant, who complains about the repairs “he can do” and his attitude is “mean”.

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