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Unstable international situation: “We must look to the West”

The tense international atmosphere, particularly with the wars in Ukraine, China and North Korea, increases the importance of maintaining strong relations with Pacific countries, according to Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolly.

In an interview on “Le Bilan” program from Nagano, Japan, where a meeting between the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven major industrialized nations is taking place, Ms. Jolie confirms that China, which recently conducted military tests in Taiwan, has been a topic of discussion. during this meeting.

“We are of course talking about China,” she says. So the fact that she doesn’t respect international rules, she has an increasingly aggressive rhetoric.

Chinese interference was also on the list.

She continues, “I brought up this topic because it is troubling. We will always be there to defend our democracy and defend our sovereignty as a country. With my colleagues we can share what we are going through and the practices we apply.”

He also discussed this topic with his Chinese counterpart.

“I certainly talked to him about the issue of intervention, to basically say that if the diplomats don’t respect the Vienna Convention, it won’t be complicated, and I would never hesitate to kick them out,” she shares.

According to the minister, maintaining dialogue with China remains extremely important.

“We are in competition and will challenge the Chinese government on issues,” she says, “but also on some points, we know we can cooperate. It is important because international security is at stake.”

The tense climate in Asia means she plans to spend more time in this part of the world in the coming months.

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“We are also a country located in the Pacific Ocean,” she said. This is why we have to look to the West, and we have to work with countries like Japan, South Korea, and the United States. We have to take care of the North Pacific Ocean which is already in our region.”

Watch the full interview with Mélanie Joly in the video above