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Unnecessary notifications will no longer bother you thanks to this new option

Unwanted Windows 11 notifications will soon not be a problem. Instead of disabling them entirely, Microsoft has found an ingenious system to reduce their number. Here’s how.

With Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft has implemented notification system Inspired by those usually found on smartphones, whether on Android or iOS. Sometimes related to the operating system, installed apps, or visited websites, these notifications appear for a few seconds at the bottom right of the taskbar.

The problem is that the frequency of their appearance keeps increasing. Antivirus programs, for example, know how to remember you well, even telling you that they did not find any threats on your computer. The same goes for messaging tools, or some websites or weather apps that come up and annoy you frequently and for no real reason.

Windows, application publishers, and website authors use and abuse them. So Microsoft decided to take the bull by the horns andReduce the frequency of these notifications based on your choices and interests.

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Windows 11 will offer you to disable notifications that are not important to you

Certainly, Windows 11 allows these notifications to be cleared via the Focus option (a function accessible from Settings > System > concentration > Start the focus session). Still, you have to manually activate this option, or deactivate these notifications completely. At the risk of losing important information.

So Microsoft has developed a new alert system, based not only on your choices, but also on your habits in Windows 11. If you rarely use an app, it will offer you a window to deactivate notifications about it. A method that should be more efficient than a focus session, which must be activated manually. Here, everything is done in an automated way: when a notification appears and you haven’t launched the app in question for several weeks, The operating system will offer you to disable the following alerts.

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The second good news: you’ll be able to, too Make sure that certain notifications are highlighted. Microsoft has already planned to introduce emergency notification support.

Currently called “smart opt-out” (we are waiting for its official translation into French), this option will be available in a few months. It is also in the latest OS preview. If you prefer to wait for a final release of the operating system, remember that it should be integrated into Windows 11 build 23H2. The next major update to the operating system will tip its nose in the second half of 2023.

source : Ithom