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Unlimited general strike at SQDC

Unlimited general strike at SQDC

The 300 union members of the Société Québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) began an indefinite general strike on Friday.

The workers said the decision follows the suspension of the union’s president and vice president as well as 75 workers on the grounds that they wore Bermuda dresses and pants as leverage, rather than black pants and tight jackets.

“The union party proposed a truce that would put an end to pressure tactics, but it appears that the SQDC did not seize the opportunity, opting for confrontation instead,” the Canadian Confederation of Labor said in a press release on Tuesday. A service (CUPE) that represents workers.

Among the demands made by workers are salaries and benefits similar to those offered in other similar state companies, notably the Société des alcools du Québec. SQDC employee earns $17 per hour on hire.

In February 2022, workers voted 91% to get a mandate to start lobbying tactics that could amount to an indefinite general strike in time. SQDC’s 300 members are spread over 26 different branches.

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