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United States: Ultrameters of 5G aircraft may be disrupted, says FAA

United States: Ultrameters of 5G aircraft may be disrupted, says FAA


In a new document released Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) United States Make sure 5G networks Used at airports by telephone operators through AT&T and Verizon Interferes with radio altimeters Used by Flights And Civilian helicopters.

According to the FAA, 5G altimeters can disrupt certain radio frequencies. The waves used by 5G cover a portion of the radio band called the C-band. The band is close to the waves used by radio altimeters operating at frequencies between 4.2 and 4.4 GHz.

Furthermore, the FAA requested that the personnel on these flights no longer be used Guided landing systems They are designed to operate in poor visibility conditions when there is sufficient interference to make their altimeters unreliable when they land at the airport. About 6,800 aircraft and private jets and 1,800 helicopters in service in the United States were affected.

Landing may be limited during low visibility periods due to concerns that the 5G signal may interfere with an aircraft’s radio altimeter’s accuracy.FAA spokeswoman Lynn Lunsford told The Verge.

The FAA has indicated that it will work closely with the Telecommunications Commission (FCC, the Federal Communications Commission), AT&T and Verizon to address the risk posed by 5G at airport sites. Two telephone operators who have begun to use their 5G networks across the United States are proposing to minimize electricity from 5G transmitters, especially around airports and heliports.

United States: FAA 1 disrupts altimeters of 5G aircraft, according to Air Journal

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