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United States.  : The purpose of the breeders' cup for the jujube map

United States. : The purpose of the breeders’ cup for the jujube map

Trained by the most fitting Brad Cox, and ridden by Florent Crooks, 2-year-old Juju Map (Liam’s Map) wins a maiden contest, after which he debuted in 2nd place, successfully climbed the Darley Alkibiats section of the Keynesland Racecourse (Gr.1). Seen immediately in good condition, Juju’s map speeds up at the last turn, and departs in a straight line. Highly respected by his coach, Juju’s map now offers a meeting for the Growers Cup Juice Filling (Gr.1) on November 5th.

Role of Darley Alcipiates
23600 m
Location Horse Owner Coach Jackie Breeders

Map of Juju (USA)
Map of Bar Liam (United States) x Nagambi (United States) (flattery)

Albog Family Staples LLC

Brad H. Cox

Florent Xerox

Fred W. Herdrich III


Unique possibility (USA)
Curlin (USA) x Funny Proposal (USA) (Gold Medal)

Bradley Thoroughbreds, Gary Finder et al

Chad C. Brown

Tyler Cofflin


Sequist (USA)
Bar Knickist (USA) x Secret Garden (PER) (Flanders Fields)

West Point Thoroughbreds, Lori Kervais et al

Dallas Stewart

Jr. Alvarado


Mother Rina (USA)
Bar Gormley (USA) x Honky Tong Rose (USA) (Wild Cat)

Kenneth McPeek

Julian R. LeBrooks


Dream Lit (USA)
Bur Gold Medal (USA) x Elle Suno (USA) (Street Cry)

Robertino Diodoro

Adam Pechisa

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