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La méthode Williams : un succès tout tracé

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Available in French theaters on December 1, “The Williams Method” focuses on the incredible project of Serena Williams, the sculptor of the success of Venus, the father of famous tennis players, and his daughters.

If their name was known around the world, their story would not be known to the general public much. The Williams sisters have made tennis history, with Venus winning 7 Grand Slam titles and Serena winning 23 Grand Slam titles. For more than twenty years, the Famous Sisters have won one of 121 singles tournaments. But what many ignore are the materials that shaped this success story.

Available in French theaters on December 1, “The Williams Method” by Renault Marcus Greene tells the true story of the two sisters’ rise from childhood. As its name implies by its original title “King Richard”, the director has chosen to shine attention on the pillar of this extraordinary story: Richard Dow Williams Jr..

False diligence

Father, manager but daughters coach, Richard Williams, Played by Will Smith, who had already planned their path from their mother’s womb. After finding out the amount of prizes to be awarded to the winners of tennis tournaments, the latter creates the 78-page report with great difficulty and outlines the steps to follow so that his descendants excel on the tennis courts.

Richards Williams, who lives in the Los Angeles neighborhood with a high crime rate, has been implementing his “plan” since his daughters’ childhood. Throughout the film, the director highlights the intrigues of a father who wants to rescue his family from a dangerous situation.

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With daily training sessions in dilapidated courts, intense campaigning by coaches and careful monitoring of his daughters’ education, Richard Williams “plans unplanned failure”, giving body and soul to show the world their potential. Despite many obstacles, including ridicule and racist prejudice, this dedicated father was able to impose his own conditions on what was considered a “white game” at the time.

The “Williams method” portrays the impeccable diligence of this man who managed the best tennis experts to bow to his daughters’ game with respect, some of whom see the “future Michael Jordan” in them.

The success of the Williams sisters, now regarded as the greatest tennis players in history, was the result of their work, but also of their father’s vision of what was predicted to be the “Williams method”. : “Venus and Serena are going back. This world is upside down”.