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United States: Man dies after trying to set fire to court to judge Trump

United States: Man dies after trying to set fire to court to judge Trump

A man who tried to set himself on fire yesterday outside a Manhattan courthouse where former President Donald Trump was on trial has died, New York police said Saturday.

The man, identified by police as Maxwell Azzarello, who was born in Florida in 1987, died of his injuries, according to police, who did not provide further details.

Images of the tragedy, broadcast on American channels and social networks, showed the victim, with both hands behind his head, turning into a human torch for several seconds before falling to the ground.

Police officers rushed to the man and a fire extinguisher was used.

A witness, named as Dave, 73, said he saw the man throw letters in the air before opening a can, pouring the contents on himself and setting it on fire.

According to one of the police officers, Joseph Kenny, the letters “contain conspiracy theories, information about Ponzi-type schemes and some of our schools are mafia fronts”.

According to police, the man had arrived in New York a few days ago.

The scene took place in the square opposite the courthouse. The square has already been occupied by a few dozen pro- or anti-Trump demonstrators since the trial began on Monday.

The drama has not disrupted the progress of Donald Trump's historic impeachment. The trial resumed Friday afternoon and the former President of the United States made no comment when he returned to the courtroom.

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