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United States Embassy Art Competition

United States Embassy Art Competition

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United States Embassy Art Competition

As part of the celebration of America’s 245th anniversary and Benin’s 61st anniversary, the U.S. Embassy and the Yale Project Beneficiaries Association are pleased to announce a competition to select twenty – five Benign artists to paint gardeners. Boulevard de la Marina with maps illustrating the friendship between the United States and Benin and telling the story of our common democratic values. If you are a painter or decorator and you are interested in this volunteer project, Quickly send works of art to [email protected] after July 23, 2021, symbolizing the friendship, peace, or brotherhood between Benin and the United States. Only pre-selected ones will be called.

To better understand the context of this competition, we strongly advise you to read on Statement by Ambassador Mahoni.

The following frequently asked questions should answer most of the questions related to the competition. Be careful to consult the required amount.

1. What is the purpose of this event?

The plan represents democratic values ​​and cooperation between Benin and the United States; Show the values ​​of peace, friendship, freedom of expression and brotherhood shared by both countries.

2. How do I submit my proposal?

3. What if I am not from Penin?

As long as your artwork is relevant to the theme you can participate even if you are not a Benoit, i.e. if they symbolize democratic values ​​and the partnership between Benin and the United States.