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United States: Beaches are infested with quicksand

United States: Beaches are infested with quicksand

Several people have reported falling into quicksand on beaches in Maine, USA.

Jamie Acord was walking along Popham Beach with her husband when the sand collapsed beneath her feet. “Suddenly I fell to the ground. I fell like a stone,” she said, according to 13WGME.

She found herself submerged up to the hip, unable to free herself as the tide quickly rose. Fortunately, her husband reacted quickly and was able to pull her out of the hole, and they then watched her disappear into the sand in shock.

This isn't the first time this has happened this year, according to 13WGME.

He explained that the problem is that the river changed its course last fall. Now, instead of flowing directly into the sea, it runs along the beach, making the sand so unstable that one can dive into it.

“This sand is completely filled with water and saturated, so it is more flexible. It is not a stable, flat bottom because there is a lot of water circulating across the bottom, including water that comes in with the tide as well,” Mr. Vaillincourt told US media.

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