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United States and United Kingdom Guaranteed / Olympic Games (F) / 1st Round / J2 /

United States and United Kingdom Guaranteed / Olympic Games (F) / 1st Round / J2 /

Goals Do you like some of them here?

If the first wave of the morning match is generous in goals, The second should not be violated. First, the larger part of the day: the Netherlands-Brazil. After taking off Zambia’s band, the Dutch vice-world champions once again put on a good show. Inevitably Viviane Midema opened the scoring with a goal that Dennis Perkamp did not deny, and Debinha then brought Brazil to the pace. Continuation, which is a shortcut, resulted in a good balance (3-3). Marta and Ludmila put it down Choice, Midema gave him a brace and Dominic Johnson finished the festival of these goals. The Netherlands and Brazil have already qualified for the quarterfinals in Group F.

In Group G, the United States recovered well after the Swedish defeat. Megan Robino and her allies left Steam with Rose Lowell in New Zealand (6-1), who opened the ball before being followed by Lindsay Horan, Kristen Press and Alex Morgan. The unhappy Abby Erzek and Catherine Pat gave the United States a goal. The Yangs They have to check their ticket to the quarterfinals of the group final against Australia, which has three points.

The least spectacular – or most consistent – game, meanwhile, was between England and Japan. The English did not fall into the local net, winning by 74 runs (1-0) via Ellen Whitee Minute. Thanks to this victory, the British had already taken a place with six points in the quarterfinals. However, the Japanese are not the same lemon and will have to play without a handle against Chile, hoping to see the next round.

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31 goals in 6 games, but it was not in the Bundesliga.


Netherlands 3-3 Brazil

Goals: Midema (3e And 59e), Johnson (79e) To the Dutch // Debinha (17e), Martha (64e, sp), Ludmila (68e) To Brazilians

New Zealand 1-6 USA

Butts: Lovell (9e), Horan (45e), Erzek (63e, CSC), Press (80e), Morgan (87e) And Pat (90e+3 for Americans, CSC) // Hassett (72e) For New Zealand women

Japan 0-1 United Kingdom

But: White (63e) To the English