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United States: A woman victim of a rare cancer because of a botched manicure?

United States: A woman victim of a rare cancer because of a botched manicure?

An American woman in her fifties said she developed a rare form of nail cancer in November 2021 after a failed manicure. She just shared her story with the media today.

She could have avoided the worst but the trauma is still very much alive. Twenty years ago, Grace Garcia used to treat herself to manicures at her regular beauty salon in San Gabriel, in California. But in November 2021, with Thanksgiving approaching and no slots available, the 50-year-old decided to head to another nail bar that looked, in her words, “chic.”

During the performance, the nail technician cut the cuticle on his right ring finger. “You cut me, and the wound wasn’t just a skin cut,” Grace Garcia said in columns Todayon January 12.

The wound caused her finger to bleed. Back home, the 50-year-old applied antibiotic ointment but her nails never healed. Even worse, Grace Garcia developed a dark colored wart.

@employee It all started with a mani/pedi that went wrong! Nail tech cuts me off with non-sterile tools! Which within 6 months turned into cancer!! #Saudi_Surgery # Break #CLCLHOSPITAL #Cancer for free # Self sorting #for you #foryoupage #fyp #viral video ♬ original sound – GG

A few days later, the American returned to the nail bar to alert him of this employee’s mistake. Then I learned that the nail technician in question had been fired after numerous complaints.

For her anxiety, the Californian consulted her doctor. The latter wanted to be reassured that, in his opinion, it was a simple “writing ball” that appeared on the finger due to constant friction due to the use of pencils, pens, or “other items used especially for writing,” as he knows

However, in April 2022, after a biopsy, Grace Garcia learned she had stage 1 “squamous cell carcinoma,” a rare cancer of the nail system caused by a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. She gets infected, which becomes the entry point for the virus. That thick skin that we have on our hands and feet that acts as a natural barrier against infections, is no longer there. And the virus was able to infect her skin,” explained Doctor Teo Slimani, a dermatologist who treated Grace Garcia.

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specific surgery

Early vigilance and care saved him. Doctor Theo Soleimani added, “Thanks to her perseverance, she not only managed to get an excellent result, but might even have saved herself from amputating her finger.”

To remove this cancer, the doctor performed a so-called “Mohs” operation on his patient. to me Mayo ClinicAmerican University Hospital and Research Consortium, “Mohs surgery consists of cutting through thin layers of skin to reveal any signs of cancer. The area being treated is numbed during Mohs surgery and most patients can go home after the procedure and do not require a hospital stay.

The goal of Mohs surgery is to remove all skin cancers without damaging the healthy skin around them. It allows the surgeon to make sure that all cancers are gone. So there is a higher chance of curing cancer. The Mayo Clinic added that it reduces the need for other treatments or re-surgery.

the cancer The most common type of nail damage dermatologists see are melanomas, which usually appear as a black or dark brown line along the nail.

Grace Garcia is recovering from cancer, and regrets not checking if her nail technician used new equipment while on duty. “It’s always a great sight when they pull out the tools, open the package, and I don’t remember, and I should have,” she said.