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United States: A Dictocus unites to pay fast food employee pension -

United States: A Dictocus unites to pay fast food employee pension –

Defamed by the condition of a man over the age of 70, a young woman raised $ 40,000, or nearly 33,700 euros, from a McDonald’s Septuagenarian employee’s pension.

Stunning view

The initiative of a user of a social network called Tick Tock helped a McDonald’s employee retire. The 70-year-old was sweeping the asphalt in the scorching heat. Thus the internet user was slandered Display When it came to ordering at a fast food restaurant in Bloomfield, Connecticut United States. Inside, the staff, all young people, were working quietly at ambient temperature because the air conditioning was running at full explosion.

A viral video

Dictogus filmed the scene before posting the video on the social network. She was so hurt when she saw it Septuagenarian who has difficulty walking And stand up straight. Other employees “It was cold and well sheltered, while this man worked outside, without even a bottle of water.”, He told the British daily The Independent Quoted R.D.L.. The video quickly generated a buzz on Dictok and garnered more than two million views.

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The Septuagenarian moved a lot

To To help In his seventies, the Internet user started a pot to raise funds and allow this worker to retire. His initiative helped raise him $ 4,000, or nearly 33,700 euros. Dictogus, better known by his nickname Kandikain 92, met the old man in the presence of his daughter – in – law because he spoke only Spanish. The man, who lost his wife in 2020 as a result of Govt-19, thanked Internet users who participated in the expression of this unity.

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