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Le duc d'York évite le grand déballage devant les tribunaux l'année où Elizabeth II célèbre ses soixante-dix ans de règne.

United Kingdom: Who will pay for Prince Andrew’s embarrassing $ 12 million deal?

Posted on February 16th 2022 at 12:08 pm

Oops! The Queen’s Jubilee was saved. In 2001, Prince Andrew’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against Virginia Quefre, an American, alleging that he had been sexually abused. Thus, Elizabeth avoided the grand opening before the court. II celebrates with great fanfare His seventy-year reign.

However, this relief was short-lived. Until at least one question arises: where does the money come from? Royal commentators are questioning the amount of 12 12 million (மில்லியன் 14 million) quoted in the press to resolve any controversy. “The Queen will help pay for this deal.” Hopes to know the “Telegraph” that makes up its first page. Very important information if we know that the monarchy receives a grant from the taxpayers each year for the purpose of financing the responsibilities of the State and the maintenance of Buckingham Palace.

The origin of wealth

According to the British newspaper, the Queen could use the income of her Duchy of Lancaster, which is estimated at 23 23 million a year. “The origin of the duke’s personal wealth has long been a mystery, and it is difficult to explain with his modest retirement from the navy and the Queen’s annual 250 250,000,” the Telegraph raises, whose comments are largely in favor of the monarchy. . The prince has put his luxury salad up for sale in Verbier, Switzerland, where he bought it in 2014, but he is said to have retained large debts related to the transaction.

One thing is for sure, the newspaper observes that “the real cost to the reputation of the ninth in line to the throne is incalculable.” As proof of this, Labor MP for the York constituency, Rachel Muskel, lost all official role in the royal family and asked that the Duke, who had already lost his military and royal titles, no longer associate with the city.

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