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68 % des Britanniques ont reçu au moins une dose de vaccin contre le Covid-19 au 17 juillet 2021, selon Our World in data.

United Kingdom, Portugal, Tunisia … Tested for Vaccine Recovery

FIG DATA – The prevalence of delta variation is causing new waves of Covit-19 around the world, especially in France. We analyze how six countries oppose it at different stages of the vaccination campaign.

This Monday, July 19 is a day of celebration in the UK: “ Independence Day »( Independence Day 2) Celebrates the removal of health restrictions more than a year after they were implemented. But the move raises a number of questions because it was taken in the context of a re-emergence of an epidemic in the UK since the end of May. As of July 15, there were 440 cases per 100,000 people in seven rolling days, according to the British government. Unattainable since last January.

This new wave, caused by the spread of delta variation, is causing concern beyond the borders of the Govt-19 country. Both the United Kingdom and Israel, which have been cited as examples for months of managing the vaccine campaign, are now facing an increase in diseases. Is there enough reason to wonder about the effectiveness of vaccines against Govt-19?

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