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United Kingdom: Museums Confronting the Climate Crisis

United Kingdom: Museums Confronting the Climate Crisis

A piece of information that amuses us and comes to us from England. National and regional museums across the UK have agreed to take joint action to tackle the climate crisis.

Last week, at the Tate Modern in London, an event: it was the first meeting UK Museum Co. Representatives of museums, sector institutions from all walks of life, Birmingham has Manchesterpasses through Brighton And Leeds as well as national organizationsEnglandof Wales and D’Scotland were present. The museum patrons gathered Reflect the duty to act On Climate Crisis and Biodiversity.

A notice is deserved “First Joint Commitment to Joint Action” announced. Not only that Blah blah. Museums and galleries, including valuable ones DateExample result Turn our backs on the fossil fuel giants. A clean and flawless space under pressure from environmentalists. The British Museum kicked out B.P. even after 27 years of partnership.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists denounced the Science Museum as “one of the last major museums getting money from fossil energy producers” during the Museums Association conference.

They are committed to serving their collections, their programs and their exhibitions Public awareness The climate crisis pushes them to take action. They also swore Manage their collections sustainablyDevelop and implement Decarbonisation projectsand promoting biodiversity Green spaces of their institutions. The conference pulled out all the stops and called on British politicians and businesses to step up a gear on climate change “before it’s too late”. She published Recommendations Clear, urgent changes to planning laws and increased investment to ensure the sustainability of historic buildings. As a bonus, all museums should be accepting “Green Choice First” policy In all areas of their practice. A strong signal for a cultural sector that deals directly with the pressing issues of our time. God save England.

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