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UNITED KINGDOM: King Charles III makes an all-smiling appearance during Easter celebrations

UNITED KINGDOM: King Charles III makes an all-smiling appearance during Easter celebrations

It was his most important public appearance since announcing his cancer two months ago. King Charles III enjoyed a walk after attending a traditional Easter service at St George's Church in west London this Sunday morning. The 75-year-old sovereign, dressed in a dark overcoat, smiled, waved and appeared jovial as he got out of a car with his wife Queen Camilla in front of the religious building in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Forty km from the British capital.

King Charles III at St. George's Church on Sunday, April 31. AFP/Pool/Hollie Adams

The couple emerged about an hour later, with Charles wearing a happy face before shaking hands and exchanging a few words with members of the public who had gathered by the dozens. Camilla, for her part, received a bouquet of flowers from the hands of a boy as she left the church. The couple left as soon as they arrived in a Royal Bentley with large glass surfaces so they could be easily seen.

Many liabilities were cancelled

The public outing comes a week after Prince William's wife, Princess Kate, the heir to the throne, announced she too had cancer. Unlike other members of the royal family, the couple and their children were not there, taking a break from the media spotlight.

Video. Britons shocked by Kate Middleton's cancer announcement

Buckingham Palace announced in early February that the royal had cancer, diagnosed and treated during prostate surgery a few days earlier. Charles III canceled all official public engagements, but continued to make some official functions or small appointments, such as his meetings with the Prime Minister.

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On March 22, Kate, Princess of Wales, announced that she had cancer and had begun preventive chemotherapy, without specifying its nature. His cancer was discovered after major abdominal surgery in mid-January. According to the palace, the king is “proud” of Kate's courage following weeks of speculation in the media and on social media over her lack of public appearances since Christmas.