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United Kingdom: A new minister's offensive gesture makes waves

United Kingdom: A new minister’s offensive gesture makes waves

V.SHis small gesture, widely broadcast on social networks, is at the origin of a new controversy surrounding Boris Johnson’s government. Andrea Jenkins was filmed giving the middle finger to a crowd of protesters calling for Boris Johnson’s resignation outside 10 Downing Street on Thursday, July 7, shortly before his appointment to the Education Department. International mail. Opposition parties were quick to respond to the photos, which highlighted the insult of the new minister.

In this same passage, we hear him exclaim, “He who laughs last laughs best.” times, which notes that “the extract was filmed shortly before Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson’s announcement of his resignation and his appointment as a minister”. The tabloid describes him as an “unconditional follower of Boris Johnson”. TunnelAddressing the crowd, this middle finger is in line with the scandals that followed the Prime Minister’s election.

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A series of government scandals

Guardian A “scandalous legacy” is also stirring. Referring to “Wallpapergate”, the controversy over the cost of refurbishing 10 Downing Street, the British newspaper recalled that “many questions remain unanswered about events during his tumultuous reign”. Not to mention “particate,” the scandal involving parties organized by members of the government with little regard for prevailing health rules.

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