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Unidentified flying objects in the US Congress

Unidentified flying objects in the US Congress

By mentioning UFOs in the title, I wasn’t distinguishing a few raunchy congressmen, but those famous, frequently discussed UFOs. Science fiction films have long been associated with it or rumors of fringe plots, and they are of interest to the Pentagon and the political class.

In a document filed in June 2021the Pentagon has cited 143 event reports related to unexplained phenomena since 2004. It concluded that the technical and technological prowess of the objects observed could not be linked to a covert project of the United States or countries such as China or Russia.

While the 2021 document insists on the need for deeper analyzes and more data, it also opened the door to speculation.

Whether we believe in extraterrestrial intervention or not, the political class studies the issue and promises transparency to citizens interested in the proliferation of issues.

Indeed, to dilute the folklore character associated with the name UFO (UFOUFOs), US intelligence and the Pentagon now prefer the acronym UAP (unknown weather phenomena).

Five months ago, a House committee called on the US military to create a permanent research unit to document these phenomena of interest to national security and counterterrorism officials.

Next Tuesday, House committee members will hold public hearings on an “unidentified flying phenomenon.” After years of marginalization or a culture of secrecy, our neighbors will hear from two top Pentagon officials, Ronald Moultrie and Scott Bray. Congress hasn’t seen anything like this since 1969-1970!

If we do not expect to confirm the arrival of visitors from another world, these audiences will make it possible to learn more about phenomena that have been ignored for far too long.