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“Under Pressure,” Louis Morissette’s uneven debut solo show

“Under Pressure,” Louis Morissette’s uneven debut solo show

On the occasion of his 50th birthday, Louis Morissette decided to reward himself with his first solo show of his career. Mr and Mrs. However, everyone can find what they are looking for in this One man show Very self-referential, provided you are not one of those who hate the excessive media exposure of the couple he forms with Veronique Cloutier. However, some of the heartbreakingly stupid gags would have been better off dying with the Les Mec musicals.

Unlike round MorissetteVéro is not on stage this time, but she is no less present the first time One man show Who is her husband, under pressurewhose opening act was given by their son Justin.

The extremely popular host is at the center of many tales. The entire first part of the show is devoted to tracing the journey of the “Clourissettes”: from their meeting in 2001, when Véro was already a star and Louis an obscure comedian, to today.

Louis Morissette returns, among other things, to failure VIPwas canceled after one broadcast in 2004, about its conflict with Quebecor after a sketch depicting Pierre-Carl Péladeau as Seraphine, and then about the controversy surrounding Goodbye 2008. He also does not hide the arrest of his father-in-law, Guy Cloutier, in 2004. “On that day, our world collapsed,” he says.

also. But why do you still want to rehash all these memories? Louis Morissette, today one of the most influential men in Quebec television, already has the opportunity to do this on all televisions and in podcasts where he is invited.

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However, it's still the funniest part of the show. In fact, to trace the key moments of his career, Louis Morissette relies on photographs taken from archives of gossip magazines of the time. We smile when we see the sensationalized headlines of old magazine covers and the unflattering photographs of Louis Morissette that accompanied them. Chance to see yellow press Quebecor had long held a grudge against Ferro and Lewis.

This show sometimes takes the appearance of a settling of scores with Pierre Carl and Jolie, the former “ Power couple » The Empire, always enemies of Vero and Luis, who sends them several arrows during One man show. We'll never see him in the same room with Julie Snyder, he warns from the beginning, before mocking the Quebecor president and CEO's divorce. “Can't wait to see my review Montreal Magazine “, Harnesses.

The second weaker part

The second part of the show is more personal. It turned out to be much less successful. During a moment that seems interminable to us because it is so embarrassing, Louis Morissette says that Ferro had to help him have a bowel movement when he was hospitalized with a dislocated shoulder. Worse still: she had to wipe it off as soon as she was done! Louis Morissette also indulges in platitude when he recounts the side effects of anxiolytics, which make him “difficult”, without being able to “come”.

Anxiolytics and prescription medications to treat anxiety became part of his life. The prolific, workaholic producer hit a wall in 2021, when he temporarily lost hearing in one ear due to the pressure he put on himself. Hence the title of this One man show, under pressure.

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This clip of the show is so long, one would think we were attending a conference and not a show. Louis Morissette even made a joke about René Simard's children being deaf. What to worry about! Remember, a sketch about Nathalie Simard was, among other things, the origin of the controversy about bye bye From 2008.

But he is stronger than him. Louis Morissette has always been a provocateur. In the series and films he writes, he always allows himself to be very harsh in his criticisms of society and the couple. He does it smartly. It's unfortunate that he chose a completely different record for his first solo experience on stage.

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