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Unbelievable but true: Australian goalkeeper ½ finalist for 2023 Women’s World Cup…is deaf!

Unbelievable but true: Australian goalkeeper ½ finalist for 2023 Women’s World Cup…is deaf!


West Ham goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold shares her hearing loss journey with the world Matildas goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold has been praised for opening up about her hearing loss journey and sharing her ‘life-changing day’ with fans.

The 29-year-old took to her platform to share her hearing loss journey with her 44,000 Instagram followers. The West Ham goalkeeper was filmed having his hearing tested and fitted with hearing aids in England.

“My loved ones know how long I’ve been avoiding this day, but here’s a glimpse of a day that changed my life,” Arnold wrote on Instagram.

I got my hearing aids yesterday, and while it’s something I’ll have to get used to, I couldn’t be more grateful for this little change.

Her Instagram post below was filled with proud comments from her Matildas and West Ham teammates, as well as congratulations from other WSL and international players.

Fans have also commented on her representation and help undermining hearing issues among young people on Instagram and Twitter.

This act of taking his audience with him and sharing his auditory journey cannot be underestimated.

Widespread statistics show that one in six Australians suffer from hearing loss, and this is expected to rise to one in four by 2050.

Yet studies indicate that most people wait seven to ten years to do something about their hearing loss, and it is estimated that only one in five Australians would benefit from a hearing aid.

Research shows that this is due to stigma in the deaf and hearing aid population, with three main drivers: poor self-awareness, ageism and vanity.

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One Twitter user wrote:

“Mackenzie Arnold posted about getting and wearing your hearing aids.

I think it’s incredibly brave of him to openly share it on social media. It inspires and uplifts others.

While another echoed the same thoughts:

“Mackenzie Arnold posting (Instagram) about her hearing aids is so important!!! Representation is important.


But his video on Sunday (AEST) wasn’t the first time he’d opened up about his hearing loss. Former Brisbane goalkeeper Roar brought it up five months ago.

In October, Matildas asked in a video, “What do people not know about you?” In response to the prompt, he opened up about it.

“My grades weren’t great, I’m not going to lie,” Arnold said.

“It’s probably 70% asking.”

She added that after a few questions, those close to her would say her most annoying trait was “saying a lot because I can’t hear properly.”

Thanks to his new hearing aids, Arnold shouldn’t have this problem going forward with his teammates.