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UN The United States is resuming funding for the relief system

AUN Security Council calls on Palestinian refugees in the Middle East US President Joe Biden has announced that he will reimburse aid (UNRWA). The president told reporters Wednesday that Washington will repay the $ 150 million contribution that his predecessor Donald Trump withheld in 2018.

Washington has said it will provide $ 75 million (approximately சுமார் 63 million) in economic and development assistance to the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as $ 10 million (about .5 8.5 million) in peacekeeping. Foreign Minister Anthony Blingen said the aid was “a way to move forward on the path to a negotiated two-state solution.”

Criticism from Israel

UN Israel on Wednesday condemned US support for the relief agency. This UN for the so-called “refugees”. We hope the facility does not remain in its current form, “said Gilad Erdon, Israel’s ambassador to the United States.” According to Israel, students in schools aided by the aid agency are incited against the Jewish state.

On the Palestinian side, Prime Minister Mohammad Shtaj welcomed the resumption of aid. “We look forward not only to the resumption of financial aid, but also to the resumption of political relations with the United States.” This will enable the Palestinian people to “exercise their legitimate right to establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Secretary of State Haiko Mass (SPD) said on Wednesday that he was pleased with the US government’s announcement. “In my view, this sends the right signal: we are not just leaving people in the region,” Mass stressed. UNRWA’s mission is “essential” because it enhances future prospects for victims and creates firmer perspectives. Germany has supported UNRWA for many years.

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