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Ukraine: The United Kingdom has banned Russian private jets in its airspace

Ukraine: The United Kingdom has banned Russian private jets in its airspace

No Russian private jet can fly in British airspace. (Photo: 123RF)

This text brings together all the reactions from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It will be updated during the day. To find out all of our coverage of the conflict, it is here.

4:30 pm | In response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine by his army, British Transport Secretary Grand Shops announced on Friday evening an immediate ban on Russian private flights from British airspace.

“I have tightened our ban on the UK so that no Russian private aircraft can cross or land in British airspace (in Great Britain), which will take effect immediately,” Grand Shops explained on Twitter.

“Putin’s actions are illegal and anyone who benefits from Russia’s occupation of Ukraine is not welcome here,” he said after banning Russia’s national airline, Aeroflot.

The UK is a popular destination for Russian oligarchs and their families, and has been criticized for not fighting enough against the flood of Russian money pouring into the country.

2:40 pm | Quebec wants to do its part, no matter how modest it may be

Ukraine’s flag flies over the National Assembly as the Legault government examines possible measures to support Ukrainians and participate in sanctions against Russia.

François Legault, who traveled through Repentigny on Friday to announce aid to local community organizations, explained that his ministers of immigration and international relations, Jean Boulet and Nadine Girault, were exploring the possibility of providing welcome land for Ukrainian refugees leaving the country.

Providing financial assistance to Ukraine and neighboring countries to welcome refugees is on the agenda of the two ministers.

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Prime Minister Franois Legald has strongly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory, saying that Quebec is doing everything it can to “punish Vladimir Putin as much as possible.” For example, the possibility of stopping all imports of Russian vodka was mentioned by the Société des alcools du Québec.

However, Franுவாois Legalt recalled that Quebec’s trade with Russia was relatively modest, about $ 200 million a year.

Nevertheless, his government is compiling a list to assess the impact of sanctions on Quebec companies doing business with Russia.

2:20 pm | Access to Facebook is banned in Russia

The meta’s vice president said on Friday that access to Facebook and the group’s other social networks was restricted in Russia because its leaders refused to stop verifying the site’s authenticity as requested by Russian officials. , Nick Clegg.

“Russians use meta applications to express themselves and streamline actions,” he wrote from his Twitter account, a former British deputy prime minister and now technology giant vice president. “They need to be constantly asked, share what’s going on and organize themselves through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger”, the group’s sites.

2:00 pm | Aeroflot stops flights to London and Dublin

MOSCOW – Russia’s main airline Aeroflot announced on Friday that it was suspending flights to London and Dublin following Britain’s imposition of sanctions in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine.

“Due to restrictions imposed by British authorities, Aeroflot will suspend all flights to London and Dublin until May 23, 2022,” Aeroflot, a member of the International Skytime Alliance with Air France-KLM, said in a statement.

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Moscow on Friday announced that it would ban all flights connected to the United Kingdom from its airspace in response to British sanctions banning Aeroflot from serving the country.

The ban affects not only flights to Russia, but also flights over Russian territory, a key link between Europe and Asia.

Noon 1:25 | OECD closes door for Russian members

The international body OECD said on Friday that it would close Russia’s accession process and close its office in Moscow in retaliation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“The OECD stands firm with the Ukrainian people,” he said in a statement, condemning “Russia’s large-scale aggression against Ukraine in strong terms.”

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which unites all developed countries, will revive the Russian membership file, which was suspended in 2014 after deploying Russian forces on the Ukrainian Peninsula in Crimea.

Russia is no longer welcomed “at ministerial levels and in guest appearances,” the OECD said.

Noon 1:20 | Putin and Lavrov were approved by the European Union

European Foreign Minister Joseph Borel announced on Friday that President Vladimir Putin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, were on a list of people authorized by the European Union in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

“This is an important step. The only leaders in the world recognized by the EU are Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, so now Putin is for Russia,” said Joseph Borel.

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