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Ukraine: Russian army announces its withdrawal from Snake Island

Ukraine: Russian army announces its withdrawal from Snake Island

On Thursday, the Russian army announced its withdrawal from Snake Island, a strategic location in the Black Sea occupied by Moscow, and which has been subjected to Ukrainian bombardment in recent weeks.

This small island became a symbol from the first day of the Russian offensive when a member of the small Ukrainian garrison defending it ordered the Russian ship to surrender “to play itself”. before finally giving up.

“On June 30, as a sign of goodwill, the Russian Armed Forces accomplished the set goals on Snake Island and withdrew their garrison there,” said Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, stressing that this gesture should facilitate grain exports from Ukraine.

“Russia does not oppose UN efforts to establish a humanitarian corridor for the export of grain production from Ukraine,” he added.

“This decision will no longer allow Kiev to predict an impending food crisis by saying that it is impossible to export grain because of Russia’s complete control of the northwest Black Sea,” Igor Konashenkov added.

Moscow occupied Snake Island, located in the northwest of the Black Sea, near the Ukrainian and Romanian coasts, at the beginning of the offensive on Ukraine that began on February 24.

Then the island was regularly targeted by Ukrainian drones and missile strikes.

Thus, on June 21, Russia confirmed that it had repelled a “crazy” attempt by Kyiv’s forces to retake Snake Island.

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