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Ukraine crisis: The United Kingdom and the United States are urging their compatriots to leave the country immediately

Ukraine crisis: The United Kingdom and the United States are urging their compatriots to leave the country immediately

Diplomatic relations between London and Moscow had a serious impact on a background this week Ukrainian border crisis. The United Kingdom on Friday called on British citizens to leave Ukraine “immediately” following a tense meeting between British Defense Minister Ben Wallace and his Russian counterpart.

“The safety and security of UK citizens is our top priority and that is why we are updating our travel advice,” a Foreign Office spokesman said. “We urge British citizens in Ukraine to leave business as soon as they can,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a virtual meeting with his allies on Friday.

The reports culminate in a failed expansion following two Russian-British meetings this week. “Alas, the level of our cooperation is almost zero.

He called on the West to stop “feeding” Ukraine with weapons, including one of London’s suppliers. “We want to contribute to the reduction of tensions and the end of the armed conflict in Ukraine, which, on all sides, is taking place in a public way,” he said. Sergei Shoaik also promised that London had sent “special forces” to Ukraine, and Ben Wallace denied the allegations during a press conference from the British embassy in Moscow.

The latter said that London had recently sent a “small team” of trainers to Ukraine to train Kiev in the use of British “defensive” anti-tank weapons. “Once the training is over, these troops will go home,” he promised. Ben Wallace believed the exchange with him was “constructive” and that relations between London and Moscow were “above zero”.

“Conversation between the deaf and the dumb”

The first British foreign minister to visit Russia in four years, British Foreign Secretary Liz Tussauds on Thursday called for the withdrawal of Vladimir Putin. His forces concentrated near the Ukrainian border, As a testament to his goodwill. His Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov described it as a “dialogue between the deaf and dumb”, accusing him of not listening to Russia’s concerns about NATO expansion.

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Despite Western accusations that Russia wants to invade Ukraine, the United Kingdom is one of the NATO members against Moscow. A line that can be explained by the great responsibilities between the two countries. Their relationship, already strained in the past, has since reached a new low point Poison, on British soil in 2018, A former Russian spy and his daughter, was assigned to Moscow by London. The United Kingdom also announced on Wednesday that it was ready An additional 1,000 troops were to be sent In the event of a “humanitarian crisis” is associated with tension in Ukraine.