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UK warning over electric blankets sold online

A British charity is warning users of the dangers of this type of product, which can cause electric shock. He recommends avoiding second-hand products.

A winter accessory that needs to be handled with care. English Charity “Electrical Safety First” (Electrical Safety First) warns against the dangers of some electric blankets sold on the Internet, which can cause electric shock. Many Britons have turned to this purchase this winter due to rising energy costs.

“Don’t buy second-hand blankets that don’t meet safety standards anymore”, advises the association.

“When looking to buy an electric blanket, it is important to get it from a reputable seller and check that it has been stamped to UK quality safety standards,” the organization further warns.

It insists on framing new norms. “Without changes to the law, people will continue to be exposed to hazards and remain vulnerable,” said Lesley Rudd, chief executive of Electrical Safety First.

9 out of 11 non-compliant blankets were tested

A total of eleven blankets were tested by the association. All come from second hand sites like Amazon or eBay. According to the results, 9 out of 11 blankets should not be sold as ‘Electrical Safety First’ rated as in the UK. In question, a poor design, a poor labeling, a poor packaging or poorly indicated instructions.

According to the association, three blankets also present a risk of electric shock. One of them had a “problem with the cable, fuse and socket”, while another had a “questionable adapter that could cause electric shocks to users”.

The association provides a list of recommendations and practices that users of electric blankets should avoid. In particular, he advises using a cover that has damaged cables, shows signs of fabric discoloration, or is torn.

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Sales will increase this winter

Recommendations for buying electric blankets are not trivial, as the UK is heading into a particularly cold winter and energy costs are rising sharply during that time.

Many Brits have turned to buying electric blankets this winter to keep warm and avoid overpaying, but the majority have turned to resale sites such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay and Wish. As stated therein BBC.

Labor MP Ian Mearns tabled a bill last week to better regulate the sale of electric blankets.